Friday, January 09, 2009

I will follow you into the dark

Hullo, I'm Brian.

I'm 18, and I live in the Chattanooga area.
I discovered my passion for photography about a year ago, and have been pursuing it ever since. So far I like to shoot objects and wide angles.
(No people for me - too much to clean up afterwards.)
I really would like to get into studio photography and am currently saving for some lights.

Other than photography I like to pursue other things like:

Leather tooling.
GIMPing. (too poor for PS -- you know the whole starving artist thing and all)
Reading. (mostly classics)
Annoying one of my four (soon to be five) siblings.
Water coloring. (new thing don't ask)

Well, I think that's it. We've had a great first week; can't wait for the next week.

Ps. For all participating in project pentad, I'm really sorry I've not answered any emails or fixed up the site at all. By now I'm assuming you all know about my current predicament. Well, I should be better in a couple of weeks -- at I least I hope so. :)


  1. i hear ya on the starving artist thing, lol

  2. Hey Brian,
    this is a great idea...and I will enjoy viewing the posts of all you starving artists!!!

  3. how do you get your photos to be so large on the page compared to everyone elses?

  4. I up loaded mine from flickr. :) I've been doing that on my blog to. Click on the magnifying glass thingy over your picture when your signed in. Scroll down and should see HTML copy and paste that, and your good.

    Ps. make sure your viewing your photo in medium

  5. ahh "uploaded" is one word. I sure wish we could edit our comments.