Monday, January 12, 2009

Re: Monday (Missed) Post...

Hey guys, Mr. Tim here.
I am sorry I missed Monday's post. I was swamped with school and such, and was unable to post for that day. Which brings up the question, do I post the next day (being Tuesday), or post two image posts next Monday? This is something I have been wondering since we started. And (I would think) this applies to every.


Here is one image to make up for Monday,


  1. No we have to kick you out of the club now.

    Did you get the email Brian sent out?
    This is what he said:
    "If you miss a week, please try and post anyways. Just go down to post options and change the date to the day you missed"

  2. Very cool.

    Yeah, I've not really got much to add on the post dating. Emily said it all. :)
    If you want I can go in and fix it.