Wednesday, January 07, 2009

open up my eager eyes

I'm Emily, I'm 16 years old (almost 17! lol) and I live by Cleveland, Ohio. Unfortunately where I live is rather ugly, which makes me all the more jealous of Tim and Nick's stunning winter landscapes ;] This is probably going to end up longer than I planned because that always happens xD but oh well.

Some random facts about me:

I shoot with a Nikon d40 that I saved up all summer for. I've had it over a year now and I love it :] Of course I cringe a little every time i see an ad for it in the papers lower than what i paid for mine in steady $50 decreases, lol.
I tend to use the word "awesome" way too much.
I also abuse smileys like xD and x3 and :]
I usually forget a lot of stuff. But I remember the stupidest things. I blame school. I think its melting my brain cells.
I almost forgot it was my Project Pentad day. I was walking to the kitchen earlier and i went "AH CRAP" lol. Because, I will admit, I didnt have a photo until kinda last minute. But I have an excuse. :P I was dog-sitting my pastor's dog all morning and I was going to take some pictures of her because shes adorable. Aaand I got there and realized my camera was ON. It had been on all night since I had loaded my Project 365 photos from yesterday. So the battery wa fried and I was bummed. and theeeen I forgot to charge the battery or take any photos. But I remembered!! And here I am.

As you can probably guess, I'm one of those last minute people, lol. Sometimes this is okay. Other times, it is not.

My new years resolution is to actually stick with project 365 this year. I failed pathetically at it last year and didn't even bother trying to catch up. But this year I'm determined to actually go through with it. Of course negative things could be said about my determination but I won't go into that :P

I like my 55-200 mm lens because 1. its awesome. 2. the depth of field is always better and 3. it adds a natural vignette around my photo and i just love that ^_^ Buuut when its the only thing i have, I like it a lot less, lol. My 15-55mm "broke" last year and I went on a whole 2 week vacation with nothing but my 55-200 D: not awesome. lol. And those are the only two lenses that i have.

When I'm older I want to go to a photography school and be a photographer proffesionally. I'd prefer something in the music or magazine industry but I love almost anything to do with photography. I just dont know where to start. o.o"

I'm really excited about Project Pentad :] I love seeing other peoples photos and it's especially cool because you guys are all around my age and take amazing pictures. So I really enjoy seeing your photos and being able to ask questions and get advice because you all know more than I do xD

Sooo I guess thats it :]
I can't wait to see everyones photos
And feel free to critique any of mine, tell me what I could do better, or what you dont like, or even what you do like, thats cool too x3


  1. I love that photo. Curves adjustment? And I didn't know that about your lenses. So is the 18-55 fixed now?

  2. Nice! Dig the levels adjustment. :)

  3. Prettyyyy! What I love best about this is that I can imagine looking at it, then turning around and seeing the sun set over some hills.
    Can't wait to see what you guys post next. :)

  4. Yes, Nick, I adjusted the curves
    the original photo was so bland I was just playing around and did this on accident, lol
    thanks guys :D

  5. OH, and yeah my lens is fixed, lol
    Sometime earlier this year or last year I was messing around with it. After I (cringe) DROPPED MY CAMER (/cringe) the lens wasnt focusing and made some painful noises so i put it away for a while not having the $100 to ship it off
    So when i got it out again i guess something was just jumbled up because i switched it to manual focus and took a picture then back to auto and its worked fine ever since, it just has a few battle scars xD