Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lovers of Loving Love

So...I bought a d300 from B&H last week, and it came in the mail yesterday!  I haven't had time to fully play with it yet, as the LOST season premiere was on last night, so obviously my night was full.  Hopefully by next week I should have some pictures from it.

On another note, I was thinking that it might be useful if we included basic information about the photos; like what lens we used, and basic exposure information.  That way we might be able to better advise on how to fix photos/be able to see how people did what they did.  Feel free to shoot me down on this one if you want.

Both of these photos are from a wedding I shot with a photographer in Tallahassee last November.  

Photo #1
Nikon d50  Quantaray 28-90mm f3.5-5.6 
focal: 28mm  
aperture: f3.5
shutter: 1/320
ISO: 200
Special things done: desaturated all color channels but red 

Photo #2
Nikon d50 Quantaray 70-300mm f4-5.6
focal: 70mm
aperture: f4
shutter: 1/320
ISO: 200
Special things done: Gamma Vignette (amount: 0.66; raduis: 2.00)


  1. I am all in favor of that idea. I like it. And congratulations on the D300!!! That is such a nice camera, though if you want to talk Nikon I would advise NP. He knows about all the Nikon things to know about. I (on the other hand) shoot with canon.

  2. Lol at LOST. I watch it too, only I don't have a TV, so I watch it on the computer a day later than everyone else.

    Congrats on the D300! I was secretly dying to know whether you shot Nikon or Canon.

    Love your idea, too. I think it would be great to treat this more as a learning experience than a "sharing-time!"-type deal. Already I've learned of new ways to add vignetting.

  3. I like how you decided to show the bringing in, and taking away of the bride.

    Congrats on the D300. I was wondering when you were going to tell us you were a Nikon-iun. Come to think of it, your also a mac. Ha, you realize we chose field of interest, but complete opposites when it came brands.

    (I shoot Canon and use a pc in case you didn't know)

  4. Hey Reid, cool pics. I love the symbolism of the bride and groom walking into the sun. Congrats on your camera! Love, Mom

  5. very nice photos Reid,,, congratulations on your new camera...(of course I don't know what a D300 is )
    I just appreciate the results of your sports photos and I understand that the D300 helps you get great action shots...
    Keep up the lessons through this blog... and this old dog may learn some new tricks...