Wednesday, January 21, 2009

are you kidding me?

Any idea why this looks like this? Its supposed to be the Jefferson Memorial... buuuut
instead its... i dont even know.
I saved it as a png and that usually isnt a problem.
now im annoyed.

this was what i was going to say:

I took this last April when I went to DC with the school I was in at the time. I figured with the big inauguration and excitement over there, it was kind of appropriate :] In other words, I have nothing else and the inauguration made me think of DC obviously xD and this is one of my favorites

No recent photos yet because as some of you already know I had some computer viruses that were giving me grief for almost a week, lol. So I had to restore my computer and I installed Windows Vista and now I have no idea what im doing xD I had to reinstall everything
aaand yeah.
its crazy, lol.

but you cant see the picture
heres the crappy jpeg version


  1. I really like the last one. A very superior feel to it.

  2. Maybe that's the end of png?

    What I love about the jpeg is the one girl standing completely still, in front of everyone else.

  3. To be honest I've no idea what a png is so..yeah. Like the the original though. I think Tim said it best "very superior". What focal length did you shoot at?

  4. Umm
    What do you mean focal length? =/
    I was also standing near the bottom of the steps, lol
    But thank you :]

  5. I really like the original did very well even if you don't know what a focal length is...(I don't know any of the lingo...I just enjoy the pictures you all are posting)

  6. PNG (portable network graphics) is like a GIF, but 24 bit instead of 8 bit. So much better color rendering, but much larger file sizes.

    It looks like your file got corrupted, and there isn't a whole lot you can do about that. The jpeg looks good though. And I really like the shot.