Thursday, January 29, 2009

Juicy Juicy Juicy

This is from a basketball game that I shot last night.  FSU vs. UNC.  We lost.  Am I surprised?  The answer to that riddle my friends is no.  Last second buzzer beater, 80-77, in case you were curious.

Nikon d300 with Nikkor 50mm f1.8
1/640 sec
ISO 500



  1. That is an epic photo. It begs to make the front page of the paper, and then blown up into a poster.

    How do you get down so close to the game? Do you just walk down there or do you need a press pass type deal? Of course, it would different for a college game, but I'd like to take some photos at the local high school.

  2. Very awesome shot! I love how intense his face is, and how you can see the other team right behind him. Just a super shot. To bad you guys lost. Maybe the Ladies Vols(UT) need to come down help you guys out. ;)

  3. what a great shot...and it was done with your new camera no doubt!!
    looks like the player was going to jump through the basket himself...
    winning is not everything!

  4. I have a season press pass for the basketball games through the school newspaper, so I was on the baseline. But for high school, you just really need to clear it with the athletic director. They might make you register yourself with the school district or something (I had to when I shot a high school game). But then you can sell photos to the parents =)