Wednesday, January 28, 2009



they cant call it a blizzard YET because theres no wind.
if it were windy,
this would be a blizzard.
awesome. lol
For the past few years we've had a huge storm around this time so I was waiting for it :P

Flash: Not used
Focal Length: 18 mm
35mm equivalent: 27mm (???)
Exposure Time: 1/160
Aperture: f/6.3
ISO: 200

and i think thats it right? xD
My camera is obviously a Nikon D40
This is the Cleveland Clinic building a few minutes away from where I live
I edited the curves (mostly blue and red) in gimp to give it that vintage-y look that I like [too much] :P And to give it a little contrast


  1. sorry Emily, I cannot help you..
    but I do like the picture!!!
    Is it snowing???

  2. Yes, its snowing a lot, lol
    My appointment was at 9 so we got up at like 7:30 to shovel the drive way xD
    They're calling for about 10 inches before night time, on top of the snow we already had

  3. I love that photo. The three triangles are perfect. You've had some good work up lately :)

    Vista is bad for photos because it's dumbed down. You can download the free ViewNX software from Nikon's website. I think that should work. I used it before I got photoshop's photo viewer and it was pretty good, much better than Vista's.

    Here's the URL:

  4. Thanks :]

    I have Picasa because Vista's viewer was bothering me xD I didnt think to look in there though because it was being all annoying today.

    So i just looked in Picasa and I think I found the info so I'll get that up there.

    thanks for the suggestion though :]

  5. Awesome! I love the lines and angles, and the snow coming down. :)

  6. This is a very nice picture. The middle triangle almost looks transparent because of the reflection.

    I see ??? next to 35mm equivalent...I assume this means you would like an explanation? Otherwise perhaps I am just being that guy...

    35mm film is roughly 24mm x 35mm in size (the negative, that is). Digital sensors are very expensive to make that large (hence the reason only the d3, d3x, and d700 have them (strictly nikon speaking)). Your d40 has a sensor size roughly 75% the size of a 35 mm slide, 23.7mm x 15.5 mm to be exact.

    This is all well and good, except when you factor in focal length, because now you aren't capturing as much of the image at 18mm as you would on a film camera, because your sensor is smaller (and subsequently they make the mirror smaller too, so you see the same thing as what shows up on your photograph). You're really only capturing 27mm worth of the image (if you were on a film camera). This is why they say most digital cameras have a 1.5x crop factor.

  7. Ah, thank you for the explanation :]

    But why is that important since I'm not using a film camera?

  8. They make special lenses for digital cameras called DX format cameras. These are specially designed to make an 18mm camera actually 18mm instead of the 1.5x factor. Most lenses are still designed for film cameras, so it's more just a byproduct of shooting digital. The flip side of the DX lenses is that is you use it on a film camera (or an FX sensor camera (d3, d3x, d700)) it will vignette the photo, because the angle of view isn't as wide as the sensor now. - This talks about the crop factor. - This talks about Nikon's DX line of lenses.