Friday, October 02, 2009

Very Last First Time




This week has a number of firsts for me. To start with I had my first photo session. Which was epically awesome! I got to shoot a house down in Georgia which was interesting.

I also entered into my first photo competition! So I had some 8 x 12's made and, mounted them to foam core. And as a added plus there's going to be a photo gallery in about 2 weeks featuring the winner(s) and all entries. So yeah even if I don't win a thing at least some other person will see my photos.


  1. cool :D congrats on the first shoot, the photos look really nice

    And good luck with the contest! :]

  2. when you really look at the shots,they show some of the very nice features of the house...

    like the windows by the dining room door.. and by showing the opening into the kitchen...makes the room appear larger...looks like it has a nice large living room, with large were also able to show the hardwood floors(which is a good feature)

    The photos would spark my interest and make me want to tour the house...

  3. indeed, congratulations on the first time session!
    Glad it went well. What is the prize for the contest? Hopefully you'll win! (fingers crossed :)