Thursday, October 08, 2009

It's my birthday!

It is indeed. I also have a portfolio review on Sunday that will decide if I can continue in my program or not, so this week has it's ups and downs.

I did some work for Florida State's fashion magazine the other week, "Clutch Mag" for their menswear spread. I don't really know why that's their name.

They were all lit with two umbrella strobes on either side (although the left one didn't always off) that I borrowed from the school. I attribute the flaws to the almost not functioning sync cord they gave me.

Shot at 18mm | f4 | 1/250 | ISO 100

For some reason my 18-70 lens wont stop down below wide open (3.5-4.5) so I was having trouble with not overexposing all of these. I was at max ISO and shutter speed, and I had the lights turned down as low as I could get them to go. It was really annoying.


  1. Happy birthday! That second shot is the bomb.

  2. Nice shots :]
    And happy birthday!!

  3. Happy birthday man! Your like a complete adult now. Oh, except for renting a car thing and the high insurance still. ;)

    Oh! and I totally agree with Nick on the second picture; just awesome!