Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Love is the Movement

I was seeing how to display huge images on a blogger site. I have now figured out how to do so =D


  1. amaaaaazing :] it looks really good

    Did you just use a bigger size with the flickr link?

  2. Woah-eeeee How do you do that? :)

  3. I the photo is from flickr, so I had to go into "all sizes" and theres some HTML there that I copied and pasted into the blog post. The sad thing is, I can't do this with my blog! Gerrr, thats the whole reason I tried this, so the photos on my blog could be this size. Dang it! Oh and I can't do it because if you look at mine I've got the little yellow box where all my posts are and the photos in it are as big as that box will allow. I tired doing it the same way as this one and it didn't work :/

    I could get a new template but then all my posts get deleted...


    Sad day

    Any wise blogger knowledge would be awesome.