Friday, May 22, 2009

Me unedited


Alright-y then I was tagged by PG a while ago to do an unedited self-portrait. The rules were:

As soon as you learn you have been tagged to play, you take a photo right away, no cleaning up, no primping, no preening. Just grab the camera and shoot. No cleaning up the photo in post either.

Now in my defense I didn't do it right away because I had just had surgery that day, and was totally knocked up on oxycodone.

Then I just forgot. :)

So here it is at long last, an unedited photo! This is me Monday about half way through my 3 hour hike. Scary I know!

So now I'm suppose to tag some people, and I decided to tag all you guys. :)

I also thought, to make this a little bit more interesting, that you should also include a few of favorite photographer under the following:

At least 1 favorite photographer in the field of photography in which you plan to pursue.

For me that's product/studio and real estate photography. And my favorite photographer in the product/studio is Jim Talkington you can see him here and here. And for real estate it's got to be Scott Hargis his website and his flickr.

At least 1 favorite photographer who mainly used film.

My favorite film photographers are, Walker Evans, Larry Towell, Julius Shulman and of course Ansel Adams.


  1. Haha OK, I took mine, it'll be up soon enough!

  2. So dose that mean I should take a slef portrait then and post it? Sorry, I posted with out reading this before hand. hehe :) oh well