Friday, May 08, 2009

I'm lacking in a title for now because its a picture of a lawn mower and I have no idea what to call it.


Canon 350, 28-105mm
focal: 43mm
aperture: f5.0
shutter: 1/80 sec
ISO: 100
Genesis 200 w/umbrella
edit: This was really fun to make. I took 4 shots (w/ the camera on a tripod) and moved my strobe around the lawn mower. Then combined them together.

Hmm, guess I should also say where I placed the lights. Well...

1st: Camera left-directly in front of the mower.
2nd: Camera right-focused on the back tire.
3rd:Camera right-focused towards the front landing on the lettering.
4th. Camera right-placed to lighten the background.

It took me about 2 hours to edit. So, if you see any miss-placed lighting (or as Bob Ross calls it, God light) let me know. I really want to perfect this technique.

Off topic now, but how would you guys like to try a themed week? You know where we pick a subject and all take a picture based on that. Like we did last summer when we all took a self portrait and posted on the same day for project 365. Except this time we wouldn't be posting on the same day for obvious reasons. ;)

Let me know what you think?


  1. wow, 2 hours on one photo is a long time!

    I think having a themed week is a great idea, I'm always the one who leans towards PORTRAITS!!! Or some type of people shot, candid, sports, traditional portrait or what ever. It doesn't have to be just one of those. But I'm really open to anything.

  2. Portrait week = the most awesome thing in the world!!

    Sweet photo! It turned out really well!