Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Stage Light

This is at my church, believe it or not.  We rented some moving intelligent heads (lights) for one service, just to keep it real like that.  I volunteer for the church, so I spent most of my weekend setting these puppies up, then programming them to move around, flash, and change color in time with the song.

It was intense.  Like camping.  Sorry for the bad pun that only really works when spoken :p 


  1. haha, xD intense. good one ;D
    i have a shirt that says "its in tents" with the clothing brand logo inside two tents, lol

    Those lights looks pretty sweet :]

  2. Okay. I totally didn't get the tent thing until Emily commented. Blah.

    The star is amazing though. I have so many posts to catch up on since I've been away for 40 days.