Wednesday, March 18, 2009

just another brick in the wall


And all of a sudden I was like OHSNAP
and this happened.

brick in the wall fun

cuz the bricks were white on the cd/movie.
get it? xD
and pink, because...
Pink Floyd.
it was just for fun :] so i know its not very good but it had to be done. :P
i should have layered the pink over the sky instead or something. and then changed the opacity a little so it was less fake looking but im too lazy to go re-do the stupid thing. its my bed time :P

I wish I had a brick wall in my house somewhere.
the possibilities would be endless.
then id post 405849058 pictures of brick walls xD



f stop = f/10
exposure = 1/200
ISO = 400
Focal length = 18mm

then for the first one i did the usual curves and sharpening. i know everyone (including me) always posts old looking pictures like that but i like the affect it gives xD i dont know. i need to break my addiction to curves :P
for the second one i inverted the color and messed around with curves
then since the sky was all one color i dropped in some pink and smudged the edges of the building so it looked better. ish. lol.


  1. That's an OHSNAP moment for sure. Well, I like the white bricks. It's like looking at an X-Ray. Of bricks. Which need to have their bones checks frequently. What?

  2. and who is to say that the sky is not pink?
    I have seen pink sunsets!!!