Wednesday, March 11, 2009

its too late to apologize


I totally forgot it was my day.
Last night I was laying in bed trying to sleep, it must have been like 12. (I started reading at night to try and make me sleepy cuz I'm this weird sleeping pattern right now, lol) and it hit me. Literally in the middle of the night, lol. (weird how that happens...) And I went something like OH CRAP ITS WEDNESDAY in my head and I couldnt sleep because it was bugging me. because I didnt even think about it all day. It was sad.

So yeah. :]
Anyways, EXIF info:
(what does that stand for anyways?)

Exposure: 1/20
f-stop: f/9
ISO: 200
Focal Length: 42mm
and flash did go off, but its at the lowest setting, and so did my spiffy new lights :D
When i use my lights I HAVE to use Manual mode so its kind of dragging me out of my shell which is obviously a good thing :P
And I sharpened in gimp and used one of my programmed curve settings that I creatively titled "yellowy" xD Im a genius


  1. Speaking of thinking of things in the middle of the night, last night I really wanted a sandwich. Really really a lot. Only Nat was sleeping downstairs and would get angry if I got up at 2 just to have a sandwich, so I went without. Needless to say, I had my sandwich for breakfast this morning. After missing my alarm.

    Also I get ideas in the middle of the night and write them down, only sometimes I look at my post-it notes and can't figure out why on earth I would write "almonds." I am so confused.

    I'm such a fascinating person.

  2. Thanks Mr. M

    Maggie, it was wise of you not to anger your older sibling ;] The night before last Timmy decided to switch beds with Sarah so he slept in the room with me. Aaand in the middle of the night he had a bad dream and made a lot of noise going down the ladder of the bunk bed and leaving the room, lol. I was kind of annoyed that I had been woken up :P

    You are very fascinating xD