Friday, March 27, 2009



Canon 350, 18-55mm
focal: 18mm
aperture: f22
shutter: 1/20sec
ISO: 100
time: 3/25/09, 7:16:17 PM
extras: polarizing filter

All right-y then, I sort o' feel like talking.

Lately I've been reading this. So that's why you got the above and this. Before reading the landscape book, I'd never though to shoot landscapes with a super wide aperture. I've also been working on shooting more. When we go out and I do some shooting I'd usually get in around 50 shots. Now I'm pushing 150 -200 per shoot. So yeah I'm happy with that. But what I'm not happy about is the amount of space on my left on my hard drive.

So with that in mind, here's David duChemin's backup solution. I really like his setup, but I've got no where near the amount of cash to set that up. So for now I'll stick with burning my cd's.

Oh, Canon released a new Rebel series camera this week. The new "EOS REBEL T1i." It's Canon's version of Nikon's D90.(You know with video and all.) Which means since I got my XT 1 year and 3months ago, three I repeat 3 rebels series have been released. Plus this puts the Xti and XS on the outs. People are only going to buy the XSi with the live view and now the T1i. Amazon's already got it for pre-order. There's a bunch of other stuff I want to talk about with the T1i but I save it for my blog. :)

Other things of interest:

Tamron's releasing a new wide angle lens. It's gona' be sweet.

McDonald’s sponsoring a new group on Flickr. But you better read that fine print.

Will Tasha Ford finally get her video camera back? Um..yeah, there's three different links. So you can read the whole story.

What, Yahoo's CEO doesn't even use his most popular site?

Zach Arias' a critiquing. Warning you may feel really crudy towards your own photography. I know I did.

If your not reading Dave your missing out on some awesome photo's of NYC.

And if your not following Chase Jarvis on twitter or facebook. Do it.

And this...this is just unexplainable.


  1. WOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!! Ok, one the photo is stunning, truly stunning! Love it. Two: that's awesome about you taking more photo on shoots, but not so awesome about HD space (I think we can all relate to not enough space, and filling it up quickly) and last:
    Man, I found out about the new rebel today, and was going to post about it. I guess I was a little slow on the draw there. But it sounds really tight. I would consider buying it as a backup to my (wish to be) future 50D. What I mean by that is it fits all my photographic needs.

    I have decided to (most likely) go with the 50D with a canon 70-200mm f/2.8 usm L + a 135mm f/2 usm, instead of the 5D mark II with a tamron 28-75 f/2.8.

    Way to many words.

  2. A beautiful beautiful picture...well worth framing!!!

  3. This photo is pretty amazing :]
    I love it