Friday, March 06, 2009

Blue Steel

Blue Steel

Canon 350, 50mm
focal: 50mm
aperture: f1.8
shutter: 1/125
ISO: 400
Genesis 200 through umbrella right.
time: 3/05/09, 9:52:42 PM
converted converted to cyanotype using split toning.

Oh, and she not mad. In case your wondering.
This was done with my new light. It's way awesome.
But it'll be way more awesome when the flash trigger comes.

I also just realized I left a ton of space above her head.
And that I do that with all my portraits.

Ps. This is call the Rembrandt lighting technique.


  1. I really like the space over her head.
    I dont know why xD but it looks nice

  2. I like her in blue also...too bad the blue in her eyes didn't show up as well...