Wednesday, February 04, 2009

dear vienna


I regarded the world as such a sad sight
Until I viewed it in black and white
Then I reviewed every frame and basic shape
And sealed the exits with caution tape
Don’t refocus your eyes in the darkness
And don’t remember this place unless
I describe all the things that you cannot see
And we’ll unravel the mystery

I decided I want to start taking photos based off of songs, however vaguely related they might end up xD I just want to get a little more creative.
This song is called Dear Vienna by a guy called Owl City.

Flash: not used
Focal length: 18mm
Exposure time: 1/250
Aperture: f/10.0
ISO: 220
Desaturated in gimp
And I played around with the curves to add some contrast


  1. love the idea of matching the picture with a song...and this was a great match...
    good work

  2. Really cool! This is a great story telling photograph (I'm not really one to judge that, but whatever) in that it has beginning, middle and end layers of trees.

  3. Sweet! I'm digg'n that B/W

    Ps. Did you know Matt Thiessen of RK is helping Adam out on his next album?

  4. Thats awesome xD i did not know that